What are the Common Ant Species in WA

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Ants are more than just a minor annoyance – they’re a genuine challenge! With sandy terrain and a hospitable climate, Western Australia has become a paradise for various ant species, causing headaches for its residents. In this article, we’ll explore the most common ant species causing trouble and discuss effective ant pest control solutions provided by CFPMS.

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) are an introduced species that have made themselves at home in Australia. These ants are attracted to damp areas and seek out sources of food like meat, sweets and crumbs. Their trails can be easily spotted, indicating a need for professional pest control services. Although Argentine ants don’t sting, their rapid breeding and ability to overrun properties make them a significant concern.

  • Appearance: Resemble dark brown ants, measuring 2.6 to 3.3mm in length.
  • Behavior: Form large trails, multiple queens in one colony, fast breeding and aggressive nature.
  • Environmental Impact: Damage local wildlife and ecosystem.
  • Eradication: Challenging to eliminate without professional assistance.

Coastal Browns or Big-Headed Ants

Coastal brown ants (Pheidole megacephala) are a major pest. These introduced ants form super colonies with interconnected nests and multiple queens, capable of infesting entire blocks of houses. Identifying coastal browns can be done by observing small holes, dirt mounds and dried-out plants on your property.

  • Appearance: Light ginger-brown with shiny dark brown abdomens, 2 to 3mm in length.
  • Seasonal Activity: Most active in late summer and autumn.
  • Behaviour: During population spikes, they invade properties, causing significant issues.
  • Adaptability: Thrive in urban environments, especially disturbed lands, leading to increased nuisance.
  • Eradication: Expert pest control required for effective removal.

Black House Ants: Unwanted Kitchen Visitors

Black house ants (ochetellus glaber) are native to Western Australia and are commonly found invading homes. These ants are attracted to sweets, soft drinks and other insects, and can nest in various areas, including garbage, roofs, wall cavities and electrical items. While they don’t cause direct property damage, their presence can pose health risks.

  • Appearance: Black, shiny, measuring 2.5-3mm in length.
  • Behavior: Scavenger ants, constantly seeking food sources in homes.
  • Disease Spread: Contaminate kitchen utensils and spread diseases.
  • Elimination: Professional pest control effectively removes black house ant nests.

Red Fire Ants: A Serious Threat

Red Fire Ants (Solenopsis invicta) are a dangerous imported species known for their aggressive behavior and painful stings. First spotted in Australia in 2001, these ants have become a significant concern in Western Australia. Their ability to form supercolonies and attack native wildlife poses a threat to the environment and agricultural industry.

Characteristics and Behavior of Red Fire Ants:

  • Appearance: Red ants ranging from 2mm to 6mm
  • Behavior: Highly aggressive, deliver painful stings and causing severe reactions in some.
  • Disruption and Damage: Threaten native wildlife, kill plants and fauna. 
  • Urgent Eradication: Essential to prevent further ecological and agricultural damage.

Taking Action Against Ant Infestations

Dealing with ant infestations requires expertise and tailored solutions. If you’re facing ant problems in Geradton, it’s best to seek the assistance of the professionals. Remember, ants may be small, but their impact can be significant. Take action and reclaim your space from these persistent pests with the help of CFPMS, your trusted pest control experts.