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Welcome to CFPMS in Geraldton & Midwest for Expert Pest Control, Termite Extermination, Fumigation & Inspections

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Central Fumigation & Pest Management was established in 1985 with the intention of bringing the most efficient and effective pest control and mitigation solutions to clients throughout the region.

We’re a locally owned and operated family business with a commitment to delivering complete customer satisfaction at all times. We are your number one choice for all types of residential and commercial pest control throughout the Midwest, WA, including Dog (K9) Termite inspections.

Fumigation and Pest Control for Geraldton and Midwest

Our team consist of the most respected, qualified and highly trained pest inspectors, technicians and exterminators in Geraldton. Making use of proven methods of treatment and cutting-edge products and technology, we provide residential, commercial, real estate and government clients with a wide range of reliable pest management and control services.

24/7 Pest Control Services You Can Depend On

Our professional and punctual staff are happy to handle your needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For your convenience, we also offer on-site inspections and after-hours service upon request.

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Different pests require different pest-control solutions. Our professional inspectors and technicians can quickly pinpoint the type and source of your infestation and provide the best solution depending on the type of pest infestation that you have.

We always practice eco-friendly pest control methods to ensure the safety and health of our customers. Our pest control methods also will not harm plants, livestock or pets that you may keep on your property. Now, there is simply no need for you to have to live with pests in your life.leo.

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For more information about how to manage a pest, call us now or email

We are industry licensed by the Health Department of Western Australia, and also hold a Pest Control Authorised License. You can count on our friendly, courteous staff to provide a wide range of services tailored to meet your needs.

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K9 Termite Detection

If you have an infestation of white ants, termites or spiders in your residence or on your property, we can provide a thorough inspection of the infested area. We can then provide everything from a spot eradication service to the large operation of full treatment of your residence and conducting a thorough fumigation of your home that is guaranteed to rid your property of all harmful pests and leave your home absolutely pest-free.

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CFPMS is a full-service pest control company offering termite inspections (with 2 termite trained dogs) and pre-purchase reports as well as termite control and removal. We are also experts in the treatment of the following: Spiders, Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Wasps & Bees, Rodents (all kinds), Birds (all kinds), Beetles, Wood Borers, Silverfish and Fleas. For anything else, simply give us a call and we’ll tell you if we can help.

We don’t have any fixed price services as each pest treatment can vary so dramatically from case to case so we only charge for the work we do. Effective pest control is probably more affordable than you think, so just get in touch for quote.

As each case is unique there is no set time, but a single spray treatment for a small isolated room can take less than 1 hours but it usually depends on the following:

  • Type of pest
  • Severity of infestation
  • Number of treatments required
  • Type of treatment used
  • Location of the pests
  • Condition of the property

Each case will be unique, and we give free quotes to give you an idea of how long and what costs will be involved.

No. Almost no pest known will simply go away on its own. The only reason for pests to leave is if shelter, food and water are removed and since that never happens you will require treatment. Leaving them untreated or waiting for them to go is a big mistake as they will spread and breed causing more damage and costing more to remove.

The only exception to this is that sometimes bees’ or wasps’ nests can be abandoned but again it is unwise to presume they will do so.

This largely depends on the pest involved and also the property. Most treatments will last several months due to the types of treatments we use leaving residual traces that carry on working for long periods. Full termite treatments can last years and we can give estimates and warranties based on the treatment you have had. We don’t operate an across-the-board guarantee due to the sheer variance between pests but we will tell you once we are on site.

There’s no easy answer to this, but for many common pests once yearly is quite common. Again, it will depend on your pest history, the severity and the property itself. We offer specific deals for regular inspections and treatments which we can discuss with you at the time of treatment and make recommendations accordingly. Remember, with pests, prevention is always much better than a cure.

Yes. If you have a severe pest outbreak or infestation that is affecting your home or business and is in any way dangerous we operate a 24/7 service in those circumstances. We will work outside of normal hours and respond as quickly as possible as we know just how inconvenient a pest infestation can be. Just give us a call to find out more about our emergency pest control services.