Bed Bug Pest Control and Bed Bug Removal Services in Geraldton

Bed bugs can cause not only sleepless nights but other health issues. They can cause many symptoms from mild to severe and can spread slowly if left untreated. Don’t delay and have CFPMS safely and effectively exterminate them for you before they cause health issues to you and your family. We have over 50 years of industry experience with 3 teams able to respond to pest control emergencies over a wide area.

Common Bed Bug Symptoms and Reason for Treatment

Swift and effective treatment of bed bugs can save you from quite a few negative health issues:

Reasons For Swift Bed Bug Treatments:

If the above symptoms weren’t enough, bed bugs will slowly multiply and spread causing more of the above as:

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Removal and Treatment

Based on our findings we’ll discuss this with you in detail. We may advise disposing of certain items and discuss guidelines during the process and preventative steps for afterwards. We use eco-friendly heat treatments for mattresses and furniture etc, but sometimes if the situation dictates, we may use chemicals for hard to reach places to ensure the treatment is long-term. Call now for a quote.