Beetle Pest Control and Beetle Removal Services in Geraldton

There are many different varieties of beetle, some being more of a pest than others and some more harmful and dangerous than others, but you don’t really want any of them in your home or office. CFPMS have great experience in removing beetle populations from properties in the Geraldton area for many years with precise treatments for specific beetle varieties. We can quickly and safely remove a beetle population from your property with the minimum inconvenience.

Types of Australian Beetle

Closeup Beetle Floor

Although most species of beetle are relatively harmless, you still don’t want them in your home and certainly not in your business if it’s in the hospitality industry, so call CFPMS right away for pest removal and treatment. Wood Borers are also especially damaging as like termites they will eat their way through timber and wood relentlessly if left untreated.

Why is Beetle Removal Required?

As mentioned, most beetles are relatively harmless, however, they can bite humans and animals and those bites can sting and cause rashes and irritation as well as allergies.

  • Carpet beetles infect and damage fabrics, carpets, wood, pulp, and things made from animal products
  • Spider beetles breed well in dark and damp are like wall cavities, attics, and floorboard cracks
  • Powderpost beetles are mostly found in damaged wooden furniture and dead or dried lumber

Correct identification of the beetle variety you have is crucial to getting the right treatment and understanding the hazards. Carpet beetles are the biggest pest by far and should be treated immediately so call CFPMS for an inspection to identify the potential hazard immediately.

Common Signs of a Beetle infestation

As there are so many kinds, spotting an infestation is not the same for each variety, but beetles aren’t nocturnal and are generally around 1mm to 4mm in length and oval-shaped. Colours vary but are usually dark and plain, and sometimes orange. They are drawn to light so check around windows and lights but also rugs and carpets as carpet beetles are a real pest as they will cause significant damage. Look for holes in items and furniture and shed skins from larvae. The larvae can often be quite large, bigger than adult carpet beetles for example.

Beetle Treatment Procedure

After a full inspection of the premises by the experts at CFPMS we will have identified what variety we are dealing with. This will, along with your specific situation lead us to a specific treatment plan which we will discuss with you, it will involve things like inconveniences, timelines and also things you can do to help prevent them from returning.

We will use safe industry-proven pesticides usually in spray form in the right locations to kill adult beetles, their eggs and larvae. For a time, you will be asked not to be in the area of treatment. You may require a secondary treatment although we will advise on this at the time.