Wood Borer Pest Control and Treatment in Geraldton

Wood Borers are a variety of beetle and they can do a lot of damage to property, notably timber or wooden houses. Similar to termites they will just spend their entire lives burrowing and eating their way through wood causing untold damage if left unchecked.

They will eat through your furniture, or worse, cause structural damage to your home by eating through beams, walls and panelling, and really do require treatment asap.

Why is Wood Borer Removal Required?

Damage. Wood Borer’s damage wood, like termites it’s literally all they do. Their toppings and skins can cause allergies but otherwise, they are harmless to humans and pets.

Wood Borer infestations can spread fast so it’s important to act fast and call the professionals at CFPMS for effective treatment.

Signs of a Wood Borer Infestation

There are several different key signs to look out for, including:

Wood Borer Treatment Process

Everything always starts with a detailed pest inspection by one of CFPMS’s experts to identify the problem fully. We’ll then formulate a specific wood borer treatment plan for your situation and property involving three different types of treatment:

  • Water-based treatments
  • Fumigation treatments
  • Entotherm heat treatments
Wood Borer

We’ll employ a combination of these treatments based on your situation to fully eradicate the wood borers and we’ll give you advice on how to prevent them from returning. This may include timely cutting of grass, trimming of trees and being aware of access points and ways to bring them into your home.
We will repair cracks and limit entry points but sometimes a second treatment may be required to exterminate them fully.