Silverfish Pest Control and Silverfish Removal Services in Geraldton

A silverfish infestation means that you will likely have them in your books, wallpaper, paper documents, fabrics and dried foods. Whilst they don’t destroy your house itself (like termites for example) they are certainly a pest that needs removing.

Silverfish are wingless silvery insects that are usually easy to spot (1/2 inch long), you may not see many but they will have nests built in warm damp places, often behind bookshelves or in basements. They don’t bite humans so aren’t dangerous in that sense, but they do carry diseases that can be transmitted in other ways like droppings and in contaminated foods etc. They are a sign of a somewhat unhygienic property. CFPMS have over 50 years of experience in all kinds of pest removal so call us if you want your silverfish removed quickly and permanently.

Why is Silverfish Removal Required?

Because they carry so many health hazards and cause damage, you will get closed down if you are a commercial business in the hospitality sector. Silverfish will:

All of the above combine into a big nuisance, especially if they have drawn other predator pests into your home so call CFPMS right away.

Common Signs of a Silverfish infestation

There are certain things that you can spot that will tell you if you have a silverfish infestation. Spotting any or a combination of the following is a bad sign:

Silverfish Lepisma

Silverfish Treatment Procedure

After a full inspection, we‘ll use a combination of eco-friendly techniques including fogging, natural repellents, insecticides, sprays and traps depending on the situation. We will leave you a plan of how to stop them from returning band a secondary treatment may also be required.