Rodent Pest Control and Rodent Removal Services in Geraldton

Rodents (most commonly rats and mice) are usually a serious problem if you have them on your property. They can cause untold damage and carry a multitude of diseases as well. It doesn’t mean your home is unclean (although this doesn’t help) as they are attracted to places that give them food sources, shelter and water and warmth and our homes can provide all these.

If you hear noises in the roof or walls it can be rodents gnawing away at wood (although sometimes it can be other pests like insects), plaster and even pipes plus they won’t stop, they will just continue to cause damage. Once they have tested in your home their numbers will increase and you will have an infestation. They can cause water damage and also fires from gnawing on electrical cables so don’t delay and call CFPMS for effective rodent removal.

Why is Rodent Removal Required?

Common Signs of a Rodent infestation

Rodent Treatment Procedure

The experts at CFPMS will use a two-pronged approach by using bait boxes that are safe for kids and pets using poison whilst also we will fully inspect your property and block up access points like holes and burrows, they have created in:

  • Roofs
  • Wall cavities
  • Subfloors
  • Internal harbourage areas
  • Burrows
Mouse Trap With Cheese Mouse

The bait boxes we use are multi-dose meaning there is less risk of rats dropping a single dose that is exposed to kids or pets and that they don’t die too fast and are consumed by a pet. This is by far the safest practice which is why you should use CFPMS for safe and effective rodent and pest removal services.