Call in the Experts at CFPMS to Banish Spider Infestations

With over 50 years in pest control management, CFPMS have been banishing unwanted house guests for residents in Western Australia for a long time. What we don’t know about pests, isn’t worth knowing and we’re particularly well acquainted with spiders.

Our pest control methods are eco-friendly, safe, effective and the most up to date in the industry. You can be rest assured that your home, family and pets will all be protected even after we’ve undertaken a pest fumigation in your home.

Australia is home to over 2,000 species of spider and although some can be deadly, most are harmless and just a nuisance. Spiders are actually important for the eco system and will kill other bugs in your home, but if you have a large infestation or you fear you may have a venomous species on your property we are here to help!

Common Spiders Found in Western Australia

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What Causes Spider Infestations?

When spiders enter a home, they are generally seeking food and shelter. Know what they like to eat and where they like to nest and you can prevent infestations.

Professional, Efficient Spider Control and Removal

While you can take precautions to prevent spider infestations, spider extermination and prevention is a job for the experts. Whatever type of spider you have invading your home, our team at CFPMS can come to the rescue. If you notice a spider infestation on your property, call us straight away.