Bird and Pigeon Control and Removal Services in Geraldton

Like most pests, birds hang around human habitats because of food and safety from predators. Most birds aren’t a pest as such until there are a lot of them, and their droppings and feathers start to become a health hazard. Some birds do carry dangerous diseases like toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis and some others.

At CFPMS we can safely deter birds without killing them all only for others to return, by using our experience based on the bird problem you have, we will deter them by applying various prevention methods in combination if required until they are gone for good. Some birds are protected and killing them isn’t the best solution to an infestation anyway.

Bird and Pigeon Prevention Methods

CFPMS only use environmentally friendly prevention methods like the following:

Pigeon Walking Dirty Roof

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Birds can cause a great deal of damage to solar panels as well as prevent them from performing optimally. Their faeces are acidic and can damage the panel’s surface over time. We use a specific mesh designed for panels to prevent the birds from landing and damaging your panels.

Why is Bird Control Required?

Bird Management Process

Everything starts with an inspection by one of CFPMS’s experts to identify the problem fully. We will carry out a full damage-free inspection and remove any nests if possible. Then we will employ a combination of the above treatments above to manage the situation so that over time birds are minimised or effectively put off completely from your property or business. We’ll also leave you with a plan of prevention tips to help in the future and ensure a bird-free life. For a full humane bird management program for your home or business call the experts at CFPMS in Geraldton.