Cockroach Pest Control and Cockroach Removal Services in Geraldton

Cockroaches are a big problem, they love filthy spaces in which to breed and carry multiple diseases and infections. They’ll not only devalue your property but pose a threat to your health. We deal with these nasty critters the same for both residential properties and businesses with a full inspection, then extermination of German cockroaches (the most common) and we will give you some preventative measures to help prevent their return. With over 50 years in the business and 3 teams, you’ll be getting the best cockroach removers in the Geraldton area for fast and effective treatment.

Why is Cockroach Removal Required?

Simply because they carry so many nasty health hazards, they will get you closed down if you are a commercial business in the hospitality sector. German Cockroaches can cause:


This is quite a scary list of dangers so don’t waste time and have any cockroach infestation dealt with immediately.

Common Signs of a Cockroach infestation

There are certain things that you can spot that will tell you if you have a cockroach infestation. Just seeing a few is a bad sign, but look out for:

  • Shed Skin
  • Droppings
  • Bad smell
  • Smear marks
  • Eggs

The average cockroach can lay between 18 and up to 50 eggs so they can multiply very fast indeed. If you spot any of these signs call us to have them exterminated safely and swiftly.

Cockroach Treatment Procedure

After a full inspection and plan to best tackle your exact situation, we’ll utilise multiple methods to eradicate German cockroaches like sprays, fumigation, heat treatment and baiting etc, we will then follow up with a preventative plan to help keep them at bay. This may involve some habits you need to stick to and information to help.

Our up-to-date cockroach treatment tactics will have your property cockroach free in no time giving you back your property and your peace of mind.