Flea Removal and Flea Pest Control Services in Geraldton

If you have suddenly noticed an abundance of fleas on your property, then you’ll know how irritating they are and also how quickly they spread. There are 2 main species and they come from cats and dogs, so you’ll need eco and pet-friendly treatments like CFPMS use to remove them.

A flea infestation isn’t dangerous or harmful to humans, but they are extremely annoying, and they are hard to remove without professional pest control treatments. They won’t stay on your pets all the time and will infest carpets and furniture spreading rapidly. For each pet, this can mean 100 or more in the carpet. Fleas feed on your pets and can spread nasty and sometimes deadly diseases so they need to be dealt with so call CFPMS for effective flea removal services asap.

Flea Removal

Eco-Friendly Flea Removal Treatment

CFPMS only use environmentally friendly pest control treatments which are harmless to your pets and humans when it comes to treating a flea infestation. We use a combination of residual insecticide with an insect growth regulator which stops them from breeding and also kills them. We’ll also give you a plan on how to help prevent them from returning. Fleas are notoriously hard to remove in one treatment so a secondary treatment is almost always recommended, that in combination with our prevention plan should leave your home or business flea free. Fleas won’t go away on their own so don’t waste any time and call CFPMS asap.

Common Signs of a Flea infestation

Fleas are quite visible on some surfaces, but they are hard to see when they jump (or disappear by jumping). Wearing white socks and slowly walking through your suspected areas will probably be a good indicator of seeing lots of dark specks on your socks which are fleas.