Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspections

Property purchases are a major investment and involve major decisions which is why it’s important to be armed with as many facts about the property as possible to ensure you are paying a fair price. Hidden damage, whether structurally or cosmetically that is unseen or not noticed can dramatically alter a property’s purchase price so pre-purchase building inspections can be crucial to negotiating down the price of a house or business.

There’s nothing worse than inheriting the cost of repairs from pests let alone the stress of managing the problem plus the inconvenience. Get a pre-purchase pest inspection from CFPMS to make sure there are no hidden termite issues with the property you are buying.

Pest Inspection Service

We offer 2 kinds of pre-purchase inspections:

Building Only

A building-only inspection means our pest controller will look at all aspects of the property inside and out for signs of damage by termites and other pests. This includes walls, basements, floors, stairs, roof decks, patios, garages and roofs etc. Our report will clearly break down all our findings regarding damages and advice on what further steps to take.

Building & Pest Inspection

As well as the above our pest controller will look for signs of all pests, including where their nests are, entry points, which kinds of pests, the best treatments and other knock-on effects of having these pests on the property. Our report will clearly advise on not just the damage, but potential health risks, treatments and all information regarding evidence of their presence.

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Qualified Inspections

Not every pest controller can carry out licensed building reports. These are nationally recognised reports that adhere to Australian standards by qualified pest controllers and so is a valid and legally recognised document to help with accurate property pricing. CFPMS provide our customers with two types of report as outlined above. They are quick, accurate and can save you a fortune in the long-term when it comes to buying property.


This depends largely on the size of the property and also to a certain extent on how badly affected it is by pests and what damage is present. Averagely for a family-sized home, you can expect it to take approximately 2 hours but we will be sure to let you know before proceeding
We don’t operate a fixed fee as this would be unfair to many customers so instead the price is based on the time it takes. Some properties are more complex than others, but the average time is about 2 hours and we will give you an individual quote based on how long it will take