Protecting Your Business from Bird Related Threats


Birds may seem harmless but they can pose serious risks to your business and health. From spreading diseases to damaging property they can cause a lot of trouble if left unchecked. That’s part of the reason why you need to take bird pest control seriously and implement effective measures to keep them away from your premises where possible.

In this blog post, we will explain the hidden dangers of bird activities, the risks they pose to different types of commercial spaces and the best control methods you can use to help safeguard your business.

The Hidden Dangers of Bird Activities

You may not notice them, but birds are everywhere in our urban environment. They fly around, perch on buildings and nest in rooftops. While they may look cute and innocent, they can actually bring about a lot of problems for your business and health and one of the main issues is with their droppings. Bird droppings are not only unsightly and smelly, but they are also loaded with bacteria, viruses and fungi that can potentially cause serious diseases. Some of the illnesses that can be transmitted by bird droppings include:

  • E-coli
  • Flu
  • Salmonella poisoning

These diseases can affect both your employees and your customers, leading to reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and lower customer satisfaction. Moreover, bird droppings can also trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems, especially for people with asthma or other lung conditions.

Risks Across Commercial Spaces

Bird pest control is not only important for high rise buildings, but also for various other types of commercial spaces. With different businesses facing different challenges and risks from bird activities, such as the following.

Shopping Malls & Retail Stores

Birds infiltrating malls and retail spaces pose hygiene risks, driving away customers. Bird prevention is crucial to maintain a clean and inviting business environment.

Industrial Facilities

Heavy machinery areas are at risk of equipment failure due to bird activities. Implementing bird prevention measures is essential to safeguard machinery and prevent contamination.

Corporate Skyscrapers

High buildings attract birds seeking shelter. Professional bird removal services can help seal entry points, preserving the aesthetics of your corporate skyscraper.

Commercial Offices

Even offices with regular pest inspection services can benefit from bird prevention. Protect employees from bird related discomfort by investing in preventive measures.

As you can see, bird prevention services are essential for any type of business, regardless of the altitude or location. You need to protect your business from the negative impacts of bird activities and ensure a safe and pleasant environment for your employees and customers.

Dependable Bird Pest Control Measures

To effectively safeguard your business you may need to employ tried and tested bird pest control methods that can deter and help remove birds from your premises. Some of the best methods you can use are:

Bird Nets & Wires

Install bird nets and wires to secure roofs, preventing intrusions from unwanted avian visitors. Steel components increase the security of your building.

Bird Spikes

Prevent bird flocking and landings by installing spikes on chimneys, ledges and structures. Bird spikes are an effective deterrent against unwanted avian guests.

Bird Shooting

While controversial, professional bird shooting is among the most effective methods to control bird populations. Ensure you hire experienced technicians to avoid disruptions to your business.

Solar Panel Proofing

As businesses embrace greener practices, we can protect solar panels with galvanised plastic-coated wire. This prevents birds from settling and causing damage to wiring and cells.

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